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Meet Our Team

Amanda Gearhart, RVT, Practice Manager

Amanda joined the staff at Bellevue Animal Clinic in 2023. Amanda began working in the veterinary industry in 2012. She graduated from the Veterinary Technology Institute of Houston in 2016 where she studied Veterinary Technology with a special interest in Specialty Medicine and Exotics. She worked at the Houston Zoo from 2016-2017 through an exotic internship with a focus on wildlife and ecosystem conservation. She became a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician in Texas in 2017. Amanda’s experience also includes working for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists from 2016 to 2019 as a cardiology supervisor. She moved to Louisiana in 2019 so that she would be closer to family, and she became licensed in Louisiana in 2020.

Her special interests in veterinary medicine include cardiology, clinic management, exotic animal medicine, and education for technicians in critical care and emergency situations. She is an active support member of the Not One More Vet/Vet Support Staff Movement.

Amanda has a fiance named Ashton; her pet family includes four dogs, Miley, a chihuahua, Remy, a German shepherd, Otto, an Aussie/lab mix, and Captain, a Doberman. Her three cats are named Jules Verne, Pluto, and Ozzy Pawsbourne; she also has a Crested Gecko named Peep. In her free time, Amanda enjoys hiking nature trails and nature parks with her fiance and her dogs. She also enjoys gardening, beach/camping, and cooking. A fun fact about Amanda is that she has played the cello since 3rd grade.

Marco, Clinic Mascot

Marco was brought to Bellevue Animal Clinic on August 22, 2020 by a Good Samaritan. He had been found on the side of the road with damage to his eye. We took one look at him and knew that we had to help him. The plan was to get the kitten better before doing surgery. Once he recovered from surgery, he was going to be adopted out to a loving home. Well…….by the end of the weekend, everyone had fallen in love with him, and he got the name Marco because Hurricane Marco was hitting that weekend. We staff members begged Dr. Kevin to let him be our clinic cat, and to our surprise he said YES! Marco puts a smile on everyone’s face every single day, and has become the mascot of Bellevue Animal Clinic.

Marco’s family includes his grandmother, Annie the cat. His hobbies include stealing kibbles, napping, and hiding in cabinets. A fun fact about Marco is that he has a different collar for every season.

Pauly, Kitten Mentor

Pauly is one of our most purrfect staff members; he joined Bellevue Animal Clinic in July of 2022. He is certified for Educational Kitten Therapy, and he is a Certified Emotional Support Cat for our staff. Pauly enjoys watching birds and greeting clients and their cats. His family includes an older brother named Marco. A fun fact about Pauly is that he is polydactyly which means that he has extra toes